Welcome to year 2040.
Things are not looking so well for many in the great United States of America.
Sure, it’s better now then it was 20 years ago — a global recession that left billions of people destitute and parts of world flaming as people went out in the streets in anger and protest. As the “old money” died, the greedy short-sighted practices have been replaced with an almost feudal business practices. Your average Joe is expected to show loyalty to one’s corporate lords, to work hard to benefit their ‘clan’ and in return the CEO masters keep their plebes happy. After all, a happy plebeian doesn’t strike and go out in the streets and burn expensive cars that belong to CEO’s.

While the government exists, its role has been reduced to mostly judicial, arbitrating the feuding organization and keeping peace. Still, one would be foolish to cross the Feds — while they maintain status quo, any rogue corp is dealt with swiftly, and often brutally.

Technological singularity approaches rapidly and corporations that want to get ahead employ gangs of specialists to do their dirty work for them — kill, steal, maim, rob, hold up, kidnap and anything else deemed to risky for a corp to engage in openly.

You are one of such teams.


KempoB Amekaze CassidySchmidt