Why Joe works for Microsoft and not Sony and why that makes for some good spying opportunities

(From the get-go, I apologize for the terrible rushed writing style. Expect paragraph-length run-on sentences, terrible spelling, non-existent grammar and a lot of hyphenation)

Joe has little to no education. His family afforded him basic education of K-12 equivalent and now Joe find himself in the job market. Things can get pretty good for Joe if he shops around — after all, everyone knows the human asset IS the most important asset a company can hold.

Joe starts of with a corporate blank slate, tabula rasa, if you will. This allows him to get a job just about anywhere. Maybe not a most important job but a job nonetheless. After all, he’s still an unknown quantity and his potential value is yet to be revealed. Maybe a fry cook, or a baker would be kind of nice.

Joe narrowed it down to two companies — Microsoft and Sony. While both companies provide very cheap and comfortable housing, opportunities for further corporate sponsored education, diners and stores with exclusive discounts for their employees, Microsoft edges out in one area that really appeals to Joe. You see, Sony has some great social venues but concerts and sports don’t really appeal to Joe that much. Joe likes video games, you see, and, man, Microsoft has some great exclusive tech for some personal entertainment systems. This is the stuff they don’t share with any other corporation. Sure, there are corps out there that make their own personal entertainment systems including Sony but none come close to the pure awesomeness of XBOX2160. It’s good to note that energy nirvana as well as advances in robotic manufacturing is what makes such generosity economically feasible. More on that later.

Thus ends our story with Joe who studied hard and became a high-ranking officer in the Microsoft corporation later on but became greedy and was caught trying to sell off secrets of XBOX manufacturing tech to Sony and thus became blacklisted and later found dead in his condo with a shiv in his eye-socket. Some say it was Microsoft that did him in; that they hired a thug but the fool was too dumb to be discreet about the murder (good help is so hard to find these days). Of course, no one is saying this out loud and, besides, it’s completely false anyway.

While the story of Joe ends, Terry’s just begins. Terry is a an executive officer and chairman of Sony America. Right now Terry is fuming with anger because they can’t meet their hiring quota. How can you make money if you can’t hire new people? Sony owns tons of land with tons of cheaply built housing (hooray plentiful resources and near-infinite energy) that stand empty. Fun fact, if you pay someone a dollar and it costs them 50 cents to rent the house, and you own the house, that someone just gave you back most of the money they made off your pocket. Add in restaurants and shops that sell only Sony brand food and items and at the end you make back 99 cent of that dollar. So your super cheap employees now provide super cheap services like running the shops and maintaining all that property with super cheap supplies that Sony makes and you make a few more cent off sales from non-aligned corp folks. And don’t forget the gambling. The peon will go and gamble that one cent away or spend it somewhere else but sometimes he’ll win.. and then spend it most likely in Sony stores. It’s all smoke and mirrors, of course, but it works as long as consumption increases as long as more and more people buy more and more stuff. Here’s the problem though, consumption is not increasing for Sony and it pisses Terry off.

It’s all that stupid Microsoft’s fault and their XBOX stealing all the potential human resources from under our feet, Terry thinks. We almost had that tech too if that fool Jim Whatever-his-name-was didn’t get himself caught and killed. It’s unfortunate that we were linked and now Microsoft has the dirt on us. It’s fortunate they were sloppy with the clean up job because we have the dirt on them and their sloppy cleaner. An eye for an eye. Feds won’t be involved as both us and them have too much to lose here. Feds getting involved is the worst case scenario for anyone. Fed death squad arrives and I’m whisked off and never heard from again. All company assets seized and audited; then, inevitably, auctioned off or burned to the ground. Shit, that’s what happened to Planetary Resources just a couple of years ago wasn’t it? They had some great tech and they got very quiet about it. So much in fact we couldn’t get a pair of ears inside at all and all our contacts withing went silent. Then Feds show up and 24 hours later Planetary Resources is no more and none of their egg-heads pops out after the dust settles to offer some services or tech to the highest bidder like it always happens post-Fed ‘raid’. Makes you wonder what that was all about and who they pissed off. Anyway, XBOX… we need that.

Terry makes some phone calls and details settled through low-level contacts. Somewhere, an expert “civilian contractor” group sets out to steal all the classified data pertaining to manufacture and inner workings of an XBOX2160.

Why Joe works for Microsoft and not Sony and why that makes for some good spying opportunities

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